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Bangladesh Assures Fuel Imports for 6 Months

Bangladesh has secured its fuel oil import schedule for the upcoming six months, according to BPC Chairman ABM Azad.

The assertion was made at a press conference on Wednesday (July 27) at noon by the BPC chairman.

Additionally, he asserted that the fuel oil supply to all gas stations has continued in a regular and stable manner.

He claimed that since Tuesday night (July 26), a rumor regarding the availability of gasoline and octane throughout the nation has been circulating on social media. However, there is neither a restriction nor a decision to decrease the supply to gas stations.

There is enough diesel on hand for 32 days. Furthermore, 44 days’ worth of jet fuel is on hand. Fuel import has been verified to follow a cycle. According to ABM Azad, there’s no further issue.

The fuel supply line continues to operate normally under the contracts the BPC has with international businesses. The national fuel oil usage should drop by 20 to 30 percent, according to the administration. He added that we (BPC) are working toward this objective.


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