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Bangladesh’s Population Growth Declines with 165.1 Million

According to the most recent census, Bangladesh has a population of 165,158,616 people.

On Wednesday, the core statistics for the Population and Housing Census 2022 were unveiled during a ceremony at the Bangabandhu International Conference Center in Dhaka.

Men make up 81,712,824 of the overall population, while women make up 83,347,206.

There are 113,063,587 of them in rural areas and 52,009,072 in cities.

The country’s population was 144,043,697 in 2011 and the growth of population in Bangladesh has declined, according to the latest census.

The rate was 2.84% in 1981, 2.01% in 1991, 1.58% in 2001, 1.86% in 2011 and 1.22% in 2022.

Dhaka has the highest population growth rate of 1.74 percent among the country’s eight divisions, while Barisal has the lowest at 0.79 percent.

With 39,353 inhabitants per square kilometer, Dhaka South is the most densely populated city corporation.


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