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Bengal Tigers are Reportedly Migrating to Indian Sundarbans in Search of Mates

International borders are only for humans, and animals do not follow the geographical marks that we have established. They define their own territories and...

Bangladesh’s Vulture Conservation Initiatives are Paying Dividends

Until the late 1980s, vultures were a ubiquitous sight over the Indian subcontinent. However, overuse of several veterinary medications for cattle, which are harmful...

Global Plastic Waste Mapped from Space

In a world first, swaths of plastic waste may now be tracked from orbit thanks to a new tool that combines satellite photography and...

Climate Change on the Verge of 50/50 Possibility of Exceeding the 1.5°C Warming Limit

According to a new study, the chances of exceeding a critical global warming threshold have increased dramatically. UK Met Office analysts say that there...

Bangladesh Signs a Framework Agreement on Climate Cooperation with Denmark

Bangladesh and Denmark signed a Sustainable and Green Framework Engagement Agreement to deepen the two nations' climate and green transition collaboration. Bangladeshi Foreign Minister...

Can Veganism Save The Planet?

by Syeda Warda AhmedVeganism—a diet that avoids meat, dairy, and other animal products in favor of plant-based foods—gives us the chance to lessen our...
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