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Coronavirus Prevention: 19 pointers to help the country fight against Covid-19

As the coronavirus infection in the country is reaching alarming levels again, the government has issued 19-point directive including restricting all kinds of public gatherings in all spheres including social, political and religious.

Director General (Administration) of the Prime Minister’s Office, confirmed that a notification to this effect was issued on Monday under the signature of Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister.

The directive will take effect immediately across the country and will remain in force for at least two weeks, the notification said.

The new directive calls for restricting inter-district traffic in areas at high risk of infection and keeping it closed, if necessary. It has been asked to restrict public gatherings in recreational and tourist centers as well as to discourage fairs or social events.

Schools, colleges and universities have also been put on hold and madrassas have also been asked to remain closed. The number of people on public transport and in hotels and restaurants have been instructed to be limited to half the number of seats. Moreover, national and foreign citizens flying from abroad has been asked to ensure 14 days’ formal quarantine.

19 point instructions –

  1. All types of public gatherings (social / political / religious / other) should be restricted. All types of public gatherings will be prohibited in high-risk areas. Public gatherings on the occasion of any social event including marriage / birthday must be discouraged.
  2. Proper hygiene must be ensured in all religious places of worship including mosques.
  3. Tourism / recreation centers / cinema halls and theaters should be restricted to public gatherings and all kinds of fairs must be discouraged.
  4. Public transport must comply with hygiene rules and cannot carry more than 50 per cent of its carrying capacity.
  5. Inter-district traffic should be restricted to high risk areas of infection.
  6. Passengers coming from abroad have to ensure 14 days’ formal quarantine.
  7. It is necessary to make arrangements for the purchase and sale of daily necessities in open spaces in accordance with the hygienic rules, and also to ensure proper hygiene in the drug stores.
  8. Proper hygiene must be ensured in healthcare institutions, enforcing the use of masks.
  9. In shopping malls, buyers and sellers must ensure proper hygiene.
  10. All educational institutions (pre-primary, primary, madrasa, secondary, higher secondary education, university) and coaching centers will be closed.
  11. Unnecessary roaming / chatting in public spaces must be stopped. Going out after 10 pm without emergency needs must be monitored.
  12. In case of an emergency outing, you have to ensure the observance of all kinds of hygiene including wearing a mask. If you do not wear a mask or do not follow the hygiene rules, the system will have to take legal action.
  13. Isolation of coronavirus infected or symptomatic person should be ensured. Others who come in close contact with the infected person also need to ensure quarantine.
  14. All government and non-government offices / institutions / factories except for those engaged in emergency services should be run with half manpower. Pregnant / Sick / Employees over 55 years of age need to arrange work from home.
  15. Meetings, seminars, training workshops should be arranged online.
  16. Proper hygiene must be ensured for any type of public examination that has to be done in person.
  17. Hotels and restaurants cannot accommodate more than 50 percent of the seats.
  18. Mandatory wearing of masks and other hygiene requirements must be ensured while entering and staying in the workplace.
  19. Pedestrians must always carry their valid vaccination cards.

Bangladesh’s epidemiology institute, IEDCR, reported the first three known cases on March 8, 2020. Since then, the pandemic has spread over the entire country, with the number of persons affected steadily increasing. Fast forward 2 years, the country has had over 1,664,616 Covid-19 cases, with over 28,192 deaths.

Every time we assume that the world is on the verge of recovery, a new strain of the mighty Covid strikes to takes over the globe again.



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