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Neha Sharma had a ‘legit fab session’ at the gym!

Neha Sharma’s fitness game is getting better by the day. The actor, who is a fitness enthusiast, keeps sharing snippets of her workout journey on her Instagram profile. Neha believes in making mistakes and getting up, as well as celebrating the little wins. Neha’s Instagram profile is a plethora of her fitness routine – from stretches to kickboxing to yoga.

Neha is freshly back from her dreamy vacation in Goa with sister Aisha Sharma. When in Goa, Neha and Aisha did it all and set major sibling travel goals for us. From hitting the night clubs of Goa and experiencing the night life of the beaches to taking a break to sip on coffee and introspect with the sea in the view, Neha lived it up in Goa style. Neha and Aisha also twinned in making colourful braids from local shops by the beach.

However, now that Neha is back to the grind, there is no stopping her. Neha recently shared a snippet of herself getting back to her fitness routine and that nothing can stop her now – not even Hemangioma, a health condition where a vascular tumor appears usually on the face, scalp, chest or back.

A day back, Neha shared a time lapse video of herself from the gym and that stands witness to the fabulous session that she had. From practising kickboxing to doing her regular stretches to taking a break and then catching up on the routine, Neha’s video captured her entire routine. “Legit fab session,” wrote Neha – we are agreeing. Take a look at the snippet of Neha taking a break in between her intense fitness routine:

Regular exercise helps in controlling weight by burning mega calories. It also helps the body to cope up with health conditions and boosts energy and sleep. Exercise helps in improving the physical and the mental health as well.


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