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Post-Workout Nutrition: What to eat after an Exercise

You will expend energy regardless of the type of workout you follow. Therefore, it is critical to follow up with a healthy meal in order to replenish the energy lost during exercise.

If you sweat after exercising, you can understand that you have lost a significant amount of energy. So it is necessary to eat something nutritious to re-nourish the body. However, many people are unsure about what kind of food to consume after a reckless work-out routine.

According to experts, the body can be easily refreshed by eating healthy and nutritious food by exercising before breakfast, lunch and dinner. But if one goes beyond this rule and exercises, they can eat light food (snacks). In this case, they have to base their meal on hefty amounts of protein and healthy carbohydrates. Here is a list of light foods that should be eaten after exercise:

Boiled eggs and toast: Nutritionist Beth Warren says, ‘Eggs and toast can quickly refresh the body. It contains a combination of protein and healthy carbohydrates. Egg protein will rebuild muscle, while toast will enrich the carbohydrate energy supply.’ She recommends eating eggs and toast within 30 minutes after exercise. Eggs should be boiled well about 12 to 14 minutes and eaten hard-boiled.

Peanut butter and apples: During exercise, the muscles use glycogen or stored glucose and after exercise the body tries to recover it. You need to eat the right food to complete this process easily. According to fitness trainer and YouTuber Carly Rowena, you should try to eat foods that you can continue until the next main meal (such as dinner). According to her, peanut butter and apples can quickly update glycogen stores, which can lead to muscle regeneration.

Banana: If you are a work-out buff, you must have banana in your meal plan. According to experts, eating nutritious food like bananas after a sweaty exercise speeds up the body to refresh itself. “Bananas are high in potassium,” said Rachel Hartley, a nutritionist at It prevents muscle pain and helps our body to prevent it from getting dehydrated. The natural sugars of this fruit make the tired body strong again.

Almonds: You can consider eating nuts to get the muscles back to normal quickly after exercise. “Almonds contain protein,” said Katie Dunlop, founder of It is absorbed quickly, so that the muscles get the amino acids they need to regenerate and regenerate themselves.

Cheese and pears: Cheese is another good source of protein for muscle recovery after a work-out, says Amy Shapiro, a nutritionist at Real Nutrition 26 grams of mozzarella cheese contains 8 grams and 110 grams of cottage cheese contains 12 grams of protein. There is also a need to eat healthy carbohydrate rich fruits like pears which help to cut the weakness. A medium-sized pear can contain about 26 grams of carbohydrates. Apples are a good substitute as a medium sized apple contains about 25 grams of carbohydrates.



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